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My Demons - Behind the Video
The Journey Back

My Demons - Behind the Video

Hier gibts unser "Behind the Video" zum Song und Video von My Demons. The Journey Back auf Spotify: Instagram: Facebook: Credits: Recording, Mix & Master: Model: Video: Tonio Marcigliano Label: Odyssey Music Network lyrics: Take a look Around You’re trapped inside this nightmare with no way out It’s all in your Head There’s nothing more that keeps you from moving on All of what you see Is just a distant memory They change it up at times You gotta leave it all behind You drown in your own doubts And there is nothing else that’s there to be found Turn this shit around Before you’re stuck in sorrow and never get back out This won’t stop if you give in You’ve had enough now don’t let them win I’m talking to my demons All that has no meaning All that has been said And all that has been done Kept holding me back But now I no longer run This is where I am And I won’t go through it all over again I’m not gonna lose And I’ll make sure that you will face the truth This is it Your time is up You’ve had your fun But now keep it shut This is why I’m here This is where I’ll go This is where I’ll stay So now let me go
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